• $3.8 billion was spent in the Austin DMA in 2012 on healthcare
  • Austin DMA spent $1.8 billion on prescription and non-prescription drugs in 2012
  • More than 1.1 million Austin adults have health insurance
  • Over the past three years, 963,000 Austin adults have used a hospital and 555,000 have used an emergency room or urgent care facility
  • Almost half of the Austin adult population bought medication for allergies in the past year, that’s 45 percent more than the national average


  • Of those who used a medical specialist in the past 12 months, almost a quarter have a household income of $100,000+
  • Seventy-one percent of the Austin adults that went to an emergency room or urgent care facility are age 18-54 and 44 percent have kids at home
  • Among those who have had cosmetic surgery in the past three years, 44 percent are age 35-54 and 62 percent have a household income of $50,000+
  • Thirty-six percent of Austin adults who visit a dermatologist have a household income of $50,000+ and eight in ten own their homes

Source: Scarborough Research  R2 2012, Nielsen Claritas 2012, Scarborough Research  Multi-Market Study R1 2012

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