Finance and Business


  • Over half the Austin adult population report their household has investments
  • Eighty percent of the Austin DMA has a checking account, that’s 1.16 million adults
  • 485,910 Austin adults have a home mortgage
  • Austin ranks number four for online banking/bill pay with 46 percent of the adult population banking online
  • 168,000 Austin adults are self-employed or small business owners


  • Forty percent of those who bank online are age 35-54
  • Eight in ten Austin adults that use a financial planner or stockbroker are age 35+
  • Almost half of those who use online investing/stock trading have children in the household
  • Among the self-employed or small business owners 62 percent have a household income of $50,000+

Source: Scarborough Research R2 2012, Scarborough Research Multi-Market Study R1 2012

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