Employee Spotlight

Our employees make us. The quality we provide to our customers, and the quality of company we are as a whole, are direct results of the quality of the people that come in and make “business” happen every day. We hire hard workers and smart thinkers and try our best to provide an environment that is inspirational, accepting, full of opportunity and, well, fun. In return, our employees keep go beyond the call of duty, continuously amazing leadership and external customers with accomplishments and out-of-the-box thinking. Our employees are our most valuable resource. Plain and simple. This spotlight is about showcasing the talent, spirit and pure quality of the people we are privileged to work with every day.

October 2012 Employee Spotlight: Paul Schantz, Multimedia Advertising Consultant – Automotive

November 2012 Employee Spotlight: Lianne Thomas, Multimedia Advertising Consultant – Local

January 2013 Employee Spotlight: Andrea Vick, Multimedia Advertising Consultant- Local Majors

February 2013 Employee Spotlight: Sandra Swain, Sales Coordinator

March 2013 Employee Spotlight: Aleasha Stephens, Digital Media Specialist

April 2013 Employee Spotlight: Wendy Udave, Sales Coordinator

June 2013 Employee Spotlight: Veronica Serrato,  Multimedia Advertising Consultant

August 2013 Employee Spotlight: Ken Brown,  Multimedia Advertising Consultant

Employee Achievements

Some of our top, ongoing goals at the Statesman are to foster growth and development in our employees and recognize achievement in their personal and professional lives. Take a few minutes to read about the accomplishments of our people.

Andrea Vick –  2012 Cox Media Group President’s Circle Winner