Targeted Solutions

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing through Statesman Solutions not only gives you access to our affluent and educated readers, but to anyone, anywhere! Let our  compiling and targeting capabilities work for you. In addition to selecting and filtering a list of recipients, we can also design, print and deliver your high-quality direct mail pieces for much less than other commercial printers and designers.


Apart from our award-winning news and entertainment, Austin American-Statesman readers look forward to all of the deals they receive from Statesman advertisers. Inserts are an excellent way to share information with your target audience. Inserts are placed in the paper on the day of your choosing and can be targeted geographically.

Sticky Note

Sticky Notes are placed on the front page of the paper, right next to the day’s top news where they can’t be missed. Sticky Notes can be broadly distributed  or targeted (by ZIP, neighborhood or drop-off locations) and are a great way to share a sale, coupon offer or other short message with your audience.


Every home delivery subscriber receives their Austin American-Statesman in a polybag. Polybags are an excellent way to share a short message with a geographically targeted audience, such as news of a grand opening or the launch of a new product. Polybags can be distributed based on ZIP code or specific neighborhood.