Full Page

Nothing has the stopping power of a well-designed, full-page ad in the Statesman or one of our other print products. It simply can’t be ignored and gives you great opportunity to get your point across.


The flysheet is placed on top of the newspaper and consists of two vertical half-page, full-color ads. Announce something big on the front and share details, such as dates, on the back, as it’s an easy piece for readers to hang on the refrigerator.


The gatefold is the premier placement for making an impact. It is a four-page fold out ad inside the front cover of REAL  magazine.

Out of the Box

Out-of-the-box ads are just that. They are an inventive way to engage your audience because the image they create is so unexpected. They can be designed free-form, stair-stepped, checkerboard and many other ways, too.


The strip ad is a premium placement and ideal for quick, succinct messages that you don’t want overlooked.


A well-organized spadea is a great way to share a lot of information, such as event dates and big sale details. The spadea wraps the newspaper and can’t be missed. It consists of two full-page ads and two vertical half-page ads.

Native Content

Native content is one of the most valuable marketing tools available, because it is highly valued by the audiences that consume it. By writing useful content that pertains to your product or service AND your target audience, then placing it in a trusted, reputable medium such as the Statesman, you are illustrating to your market how your brand meets their needs and fits into their life.