Digital Advertisements

Sliding Billboard

The first time a viewer visits a site in a 24-hour period, the sliding billboard automatically drops down to mid screen for eight seconds and displays the full ad, which may contain animation, video, images, text or a combination of all of these elements. Thereafter, the billboard remains collapsed and displays an abbreviated message and invitation for the viewer to expand the ad.


Wallpaper surrounds the live area of the page and is designed to reflect a specific brand and message. Wallpaper is a great way to advertise grand openings, sales, events and product launches.


Mobile advertising gives you the opportunity to go with your audience anywhere and be with them when the time comes to make a buying decision. Increasingly, consumers research purchases and locate businesses using their mobile devices. Statesman Solutions can design and then serve your mobile ads to these users based on geographic location, demographic, time of day and using numerous other targeting filters.

In-Banner Video

Internet users consume millions of minutes of video content. It is the new way to learn about products, restaurants, destinations, entertainment and more. Including video content in your advertising increases the likelihood that the target will visit your website or act in another favorable way. Statesman Solutions can produce new or use existing video content, as well as design the digital ad it will live in, then serve it to our audiences.


When you have something exciting to share, do so in an exciting way. Floater-to-fixed ads do just that. The first time a viewer visits a site in a 24-hour period, a free-form animation will float across the screen and “dock” on a static ad.


Companion ads give you the opportunity to share your message in a more engaging way. Start your message at the top of the screen and complete it in an ad below, and use animation for added enhancement.

Corner Peel

The first time a viewer visits a site in a 24-hour period the top-right corner of the webpage will peel down revealing an ad. Eight seconds later it will roll back up (unless closed sooner by the viewer) and an invitation to peel the message down will remain.


Making the most of the time your audience spends online is easy with well-targeted and well-designed digital ads. The right image and right message will combine to earn you attention, clicks and top-of-mind awareness with your target audience.

Sticky Note

Similar to a floater-to-fixed ad, the sticky note floats across the page with your message front and center and then settles in a static position.


Expandable ads are impossible to ignore and another creative way to engage with your audience. Animation allows the entire ad, or a specific image within it, to be enlarged to take a more prominent place on the page for a few seconds. It then returns to its normal size.

Homepage Takeover

Cube Ad

Catalog Ad